How it’s Done

First, We source all of our ingredients from the best! Organic ingredients not only make a difference in taste but difference in long term health and that is our goal. 
Our animal protein is top premium quality! You can only get this at the finest gourmet restaurants in Miami and now at Feel Good Meals. 
When combining quality ingredients & bold flavors, portioned with your goals In mind, you then have a feel good meal! 
We then package all the goodness into our eco friendly plant based containers, ensuring we also help our Mother Earth. 
When you open an account with us, you will be gifted an insulated tote. After your initial delivery, We will require you to leave your insulated bag out the day of your next delivery, so we may place your new meals inside with an ice pack to ensure proper temperature. 
If no bag is left out, you are responsible for picking up your meals at our establishment next day. 
Deliveries are scheduled every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday’s between 5pm-10pm
Each delivery excluding Thursday’s will include the following two days worth of meals. Thursday will include only Fridays meals. 
 ** CUT OFF time to place your order for Sunday's delivery is Friday. If ordered after Friday, your delivery will begin the following week. **